Instructions for Rutgers-Camden Departments hiring students

We ask all departments to post their Class V and work-study positions on Handshake to ensure that all students have the opportunity to view and apply for your jobs.  



You should follow the same process to set up an account as outside employers, but note the following best practices/tips:

  • STOP! Does your department already have an account? Not sure? Email: Chanin Coyle at
  • To created an account for your department yet, you must create a new company. Name your company “Rutgers-Camden [Department Name].”
    • The first person to create the account is the owner. The owner will be responsible for approving other staff members that want to use Handshake. Click for instructions on how to transfer ownership.
    • Your requested account type is Employer and your office is the Company.
  • Use your email address.
  • Be sure to check your SPAM/Junk Mail folders for confirmation emails
  • When asked to connect with your company, DO NOT connect with the main Rutgers University-Camden account.
  • Each department will need to create their own employer/company account.
    • If no one has c


  • The process for posting work-study jobs and non-work study jobs is the same.
  • Select “On Campus Employment” as the Job Type.
  • If you are posting a work-study only job, please add (WORK STUDY ONLY) to your job title, i.e. Office Assistant (WORK STUDY ONLY).
    • Answer Yes to “Is this a work study job?”
  • If you can hire both work-study and non-work study students
    • Answer No to “Is this a work study job?”

If you’re having any difficulty, contact the Career Center at 856-225-6046 or email Chanin Coyle at