International Students

Services and Programs of the Career Center

Beginning with your first semester on campus, you can make an appointment to meet with a career counselor in the Rutgers-Camden Career Center to discuss your career interests and goals. You also can sign up for workshops such as resume writing and interviewing and attend information sessions, internship and job fairs, on campus, to become meet local employer representatives through the Career Center. In addition, you can find information about employers who have posted internships and jobs with the Career Center, by signing up for Raptor Link.

The Career Center also maintains subscriptions to specialized career and employment resources.  By using the online platforms GoinGlobal and FIRSTHAND, you will be able to research and identify prospective US employers and apply for opportunities for which you qualify.

  • GoinGlobal: International students can search for companies that have sponsored H1B visa applications using GoinGlobal. 

Once you are logged on to GoinGlobal, you will see a tab at the top of the screen marked – H1B Information. In this section of the platform, you can view listings of companies, by state and city, who have sponsored foreign workers on H1B visas, over the last 12 months. Below is a webinar on how to best use GoinGlobal.


  • FIRSTHAND (Rutgers Online Career Library): FIRSTHAND brings together an astonishing amount of career information in one place. Content includes over 90 downloadable PDF career guides ranging from interview/résumé guides to career overviews, guides to specific occupations (accounting, interior design, physical therapy, etc.), and employers; several thousand company, industry, and occupational overviews and profiles; career advice articles; and company, industry, career topic, and grad degree message boards with millions of postings. Company information (the company profile guides) are updated year-round.

There are a number of resources available to international students to help you prepare for a future career, especially if you would like to explore internship, curricular practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT) opportunities with US businesses or non-profit organizations while in the country.

However, there are specific legal requirements and restrictions governing the paid and unpaid employment (on and off campus) of international students in the U.S. The International Students & Global Programs office has more information on these requirements and restrictions  

And be sure to check with the staff of IS&GP Office before interviewing for and accepting any internship or job offer to make sure that you are eligible to do so. 

OPT Job Searching Resources

Click here for working opportunities for students

Other Resources to find Internationally Oriented Employers
  • Organization for International Investment (OFII): The Organization for International Investment is a non-profit business association that represents the U.S. operations of many of the world’s leading companies. New Jersey is one of the top states in the U.S. for foreign direct investment, providing private sector jobs to almost 7% of its workforce. International students may know someone working with a OFII member company in their home country and could use the directory of employers (jobs-by-state) on the website for networking purposes.
  • Global PhiladelphiaThe non-profit organization Global Philadelphia was established to encourage greater interaction among the many organizations and people engaged in international activity in the Greater Philadelphia region. As an international student, you can attend events throughout the year and especially during the annual Global Philly Expo in the fall to meet other global citizens. You also can search the directories of businesses and organizations on the website to expand your knowledge of internationally oriented employers in the area for possible connections in the future.