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References or Letters of Recommendations are an important part of a candidate’s search for Professional Employment as well as application for admission to Graduate / Professional School. Since July, 2009, The Career Center has offered students and alumni the opportunity to use the INTERFOLIO on line credential service.


You can create your Interfolio account here  login here.

The Career Center’s On-Line Credentials File Service is easy, effective, comprehensive, and very inexpensive.  It is a unique reference collection and distribution system that may be used in conjunction with both standard and electronic resumes/applications. Now Rutgers-Camden students can create an “on-line” reference file using this system, and organizations will have the option of receiving the students’ recommendations electronically or in hard-copy (paper) format. No delays, no hassles!

Instant electronic access or 24 hour mailing.

It is a great way to present your Credentials File when applying for employment OR grad school. Because our system is powered by, the Career Center recommends users add the words “References On-File at to the bottom of your resume or graduate school application to alert readers to the instant access you are offering about you as a candidate. The Career Center On-Line Credentials File service is a fully secured web site using encryption and other distinct security features to protect the files placed in its system. It is SAFE !!!


Letters of Reference

Confidential Letters of Reference

Many graduate and/or professional schools prefer what are known as “confidential or waived” Letters of Recommendation. Students / applicants wishing to waive their right of access to their written references will do so on-line, and will print out a form from their account that they will present to their reference writer. This form will provide the required waiver signature and will provide the writer with three (3) options for writing and submitting that reference letter to the specific student’s file. It is easy and convenient for both reference writer and reference gatherer.

Open Letters of Reference

Students choosing not to waive their right of access to these letters (and their file) will follow the same process as noted above BUT will be able to see their letters on-line once the writer submits them. The Career Center recommends that students consider “waiving” their right of access to all letters since such “waived” letters are generally weighed more heavily by Admissions Reps and Employers.


Choosing Recommenders

Most organizations request three (3) recommendations. Graduate/Professional recommendations should be written by three faculty members who know you well enough to evaluate your academic work. Employment recommendations should be written by both faculty members and present or past employers who can evaluate both your job and academic abilities.

  • How do I Ask?
    Etiquette requires that you discuss the purpose of the recommendation with each recommender and ask that a supportive letter be written for you.
  • What do I ask for?
    Since we are required to send a complete set of employment or graduate school references, it would be to your benefit to encourage writers to be as generic as possible in describing your qualifications/attributes. We will, however, separate references directed to a specific field or interest upon your written request (i.e., Law School).