Hiring a Rutgers Student / Alumni

Please consider joining other loyal alumni in alerting the Career Center to job and internship opportunities at your organization. 

This is a great way to give back to your university!

Please e-mail your job or listings to careercenter@camden.rutgers.edu and the Career Center will post your opportunity online for access by students and alumni. 

Call 856-225-6046 if you would like to speak with a Career Center professional regarding your opportunity.

In addition to the on-line posting opportunities, the Career Center welcomes your participation in our On-campus Recruiting Program and Job / Internship Fairs. Increasing your visibility on campus increases your applicant pool of qualified candidates.

For more information on our employer relations program, contact:
Chanin Coyle, Employer Relations Coordinator at 856-225-6046 or email chanin.coyle@rutgers.edu