Handshake FAQs

Handshake Frequently Asked Questions

What is Handshake?

Handshake offers undergraduate and graduate students a personalized, user-friendly interface to find skill specific jobs and internships, schedule appointments with undergraduate career educators or graduate career advisors, register for professional development events, career fairs and employer events.

Through Handshake, undergraduate and graduate students are able to:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Career Center
  • Discover jobs and internships in collections tailored towards your interests
  • RSVP for professional development workshops, programs, and events
  • View upcoming job fairs and employers registered to attend
  • Connect with employers
  • Track deadlines (job application, on-campus interviewing, events, etc.)

How do I access Handshake?
Rutgers-Camden undergraduate and graduate students are pre-loaded into the Handshake system.  To access Handshake, and activate your account, simply go to Rutgers-Camden.joinhandshake.com and log on using your NetID and password. 

Alumni whose graduation date is prior to May 2019 can request an account HERE.  You will receive an email from Handshake when your request has been completed.

How do I build my profile?
Once you log in, you will be prompted to fill out your profile. We highly recommend you upload a resume and complete your profile so that the most relevant opportunities are pushed to you. Handshake is a dynamic system, so the more information you provide about yourself, the more relevant career opportunities and resources will be. Visit the “For You” tab to see how information is best curated for you. You can choose to make your profile visible to employers. BEFORE making your profile visible to employers, double check your profile for accuracy.

I noticed my email address in my Handshake profile has +camden in it.  Why does it appear this way?
The +camden in your email address is a campus location indicator and essentially works as an alias emaill address.  Emails sent to this address will still come to your regular Rutgers email address and you can continue to use your regular Rutgers email address in correspondence.

Do I have to make my profile visible to employers to apply for jobs/internship?
No, you do not have to make your profile public to apply for jobs/internships.  You do, however, need to upload your resume onto Handshake to apply for positions.  We HIGHLY recommend that you have your resume critiqued by the Career Center before you upload it to Handshake.  To have your resume critiqued email it to careercenter@camden.rutgers.edu

If I make my profile visible to employers, is my GPA also visible to employers?
No, making your profile visible to employers does not automatically make your GPA visible to employers.  Making your GPA visible to employers requires a second release.

Is there a Mobile App for Handshake?
Yes, Handshake Mobile allows you to expore jobs, favorite them and then apply.  Students will also recieve notifications for application deadlines and messages from employers.
Handshake Mobile is available through the Apple Store and Google Play.

I need to update my profile, because information is incorrect.  How can I change It?

Pre-populated information in Handshake is updated or currently enrolled students from your MyRutgers account, which is controlled by the Office of the Registrar. Any changes to your information must be requested through the Registrar. You can update your profile to reflect recent experiences, relevant skills and interests. However, your core profile information including your degree program, email account, and major are all automatically connected through your Rutgers-Camden record.

How do I search for jobs/internships?
Start by clicking on JOB in the top menu bar.  you will be taken to the Job Search page.  Click here to learn how to filter job/internship opportunities.

Can I apply for jobs online through the system?
Yes, once you have stored your job search documents in Handshake, employers can request that you apply for their jobs directly through Handshake. Each employer will detail which application documents they require (resume, cover letter, etc). You can then retrieve the appropriate materials and submit your application. Employers may also link you directly to their employment sites on their respective websites and request that you apply directly to their internal application systems.

Can I save a job search and have results e-mailed to me?
Please click here to learn how to save job and internship searchs and create email alerts.

How do I apply for on-Campus student work study or part time jobs?
Use the Handshake Student Employment Guide.pdf for assistance with applying to on campus opportunities.

How do I identify fraudulent employers?
Fraudulent employers may attempt to post job listings on Handshake or through phising emails in order to obtain money or identify information from unsuspecting students.  Although the Rutgers-Camden Career Center staff reviews all new employer accounts to determine that contact information apprears valid and job descriptions appear legitimate, it is important to be aware of signs of fraudulent employers.  In order to help safeguard students against potential threats, we have provided a Fraudulent Employer Warning Guide.

If you become suspicious that an employer or contact may be fraudulent, please report this immediately to careercenter@camden.rutgers.edu or call the Career Center at 856.225.6046.

I am getting too many Handshake notifications, how do I make them stop?
Go to your User Settings in the top right corner and click on Email Notifications. A check mark by the statement means that you are opting in to receive notifications, so by unchecking you will be opting out of notifications. To see our notification recommendations, log on to Handshake and read the Notification Preferences 101 resource.